SignaidsBuilding on inclusive designs foundation, Signaids’ Interactive System provides a communication platform that will engage, inform, educate and entertain. This is achieved by allowing the user to define how they would like to interact within their environment. A visually impaired person might prefer to hear the signs content audibly and is able to choose from 20+ languages. Text descriptions can be translated into 60+ languages, with settings that allow the user to chose font size and contrast that suits their needs. Furthermore the sign provides an easy access point to retrieve an unlimited amount of information with a simple tap of a smart phone or tablet. The content is filtered and specific to that location and user, eliminating the need to search for information. The easy tap function connects the user directly to the information; no entering website addresses, no entering text or fumbling with the camera. Simply tap and go.

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Signaids Information Coverpage

Signaids Information

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