Regain Mobility


Regained Mobility began in 2008 as a separate non-profit organization and a community partner of the Touch the Future, Inc., SC Branch Office.  In July 2011, Regained Mobility joined Touch the Future and became our Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Assistive Technology ReUse and new products program.

This program is head quartered out of the SC Branch Office.  Since October 2009, Touch the Future has issued over 2400 reuse items to individuals in need.  This has generated almost two million dollars in cost savings to consumers.

Touch the Future, Inc. has also expanded its reseller and distribution agreements that enable us to offer discount pricing on new technology to our clients and other organizations.

The combination of reuse and new products enables us to offer the best matched device to meet individual needs in the most cost effective way possible.

All equipment is sanitized, refurbished and then made available for ReUse to consumers who are disabled, seniors, Veterans or from disadvantaged communities.  Any item that cannot be reused is recycled.  Some items are also available for short term loan to help bridge the gap when consumers are waiting on equipment to arrive or as a “try-before-you-buy” option.