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How does it work?

Lucy is the most efficient hands free keyboard especially designed for people with no hand function. It is operated by a small and light laser lamp. Just point the laser beam to the letters on the Lucy panel for a short adjustable time and the key is activated. There is no need to push anything. The laser lamp is usually fixed on a pair of glasses and handled by head movement, but users with a limited hand function can handle it manually as well.

Thanks to the ergonomic design and its smart letter layout the user needs to move his/her head only a couple of centimeters (±1 inch) to the left, right, up or down. A perfect head control is NOT necessary. Because of its big key size even users with a slight head or hand tremor can work on Lucy.

In combination with a tablet PC Lucy can be used as a very efficient communication device.

Some advantages:

  • Working on Lucy is comparable to working on a keyboard with one finger. It is a direct selection method and therefore much faster than scanning.
  • The amplitude of head movement needed to work on Lucy is a lot less than what is needed to control a head mouse. Therefore Lucy is less tiresome.
  • It needs no calibration and does not lose its focus. It does not matter if you don’t sit in front of your PC exactly at the same place as it is required for eye gaze devices. Lucy users work for hours continuously on Lucy with no fatigue.
  • In contrast to eye gaze devices Lucy is not sensitive to the lighting conditions.
  • A Lucy user working in an office or a classroom does not bother others which is indeed the case when using speech recognition software. It is not sensitive to the speech abilities of the user and or the background noises. You can put on your favorite music and work on your PC at the same time.
  • Lucy is a hardware device and does not create any conflicts with any software running on your PC which can be the case if you use onscreen keyboards. Nowadays more and more secured websites like PC banking websites do not accept keystrokes generated by software keyboards.
  • If a user can handle a mouse or trackball better than he/she can manipulate the laser lamp, it can also be used to operate Lucy. It can also be controlled by one or two switches. This makes Lucy ideal for users with degenerative diseases, for example ALS, MS and muscular dystrophy. Lucy can be adapted to the needs of the user.
  • Lucy is a keyboard, but also has mouse control capabilities.


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