Success Stories


Since 1997, Over 12,500 ReBoot™ computers issued.

Since October 2007, over 275 tons of E-Waste kept out of landfills.

  • “It is great what is happening on a ReBoot™ computer issue in Valdosta, GA.”  A representative with The Georgia Advocacy Office assisted a consumer in Valdosta, GA.  After talking about the [ReBoot™] program, she was not sure the client would be able to do his computer volunteer service.  The client was so excited about the computer that he said he would be glad to volunteer.  He found a position at the Second Harvest Food Bank in Valdosta and completed his volunteer hours.  The people at the food bank were so impressed with him that he was invited back for a job interview.  You can never tell what opportunities are opened when you reach out and volunteer in the community.


  • Gentleman with COPD and Lymph Edema had been sleeping at the dining room table and sitting in a wooden chair all day.  A church volunteer contacted TTFSC for help. The gentleman received a lift chair, bedside commode, tub seat, urinal and edema wraps.  He now rests comfortably day and night.  His edema drastically decreased and reports breathing easier.  TTFSC & church volunteer contacted city assistance program for this individual and he is now receiving home modifications and repairs needed to live in more accessible and healthier environment.


  • Son contacted TTFSC for his mother and requested scooter or power wheelchair. TTFSC discussed seating evaluation with homecare PT.  Power wheelchair issued to son and was given to his Mother on Christmas day.  Son called on December 28th to report his Mother had tears of joy as she could finally go to church and get around on her own for the first time in over 6 months.  Son proclaimed, “It was the best Christmas ever—for everyone.  Thank you.”


  • A school had a classroom alert system for student to indicate desire to participate or respond to teacher’s questions.  It had been broken for several years.  The ReBoot™ Reuse Program was able to repair the device.  The student now is able to signal for classroom input without disturbing the environment or learning of others.


  • A mother of a young adult with severe communication issues borrowed, after a screen for appropriate level and acceptance, a 7 level Communication Builder (Augmentative Alternative Communication Device).  A thank you letter from mother stated “It was very helpful to be able to try an augmentative communication device before purchasing one. We were able to determine that such a device would be useful for him.  The assistance we received from you and the staff of Touch the Future on how to set up and use the device made the process very easy.  W were up and running with the device almost as soon as we got home with it.  I look forward to working with Touch the Future when we are ready for the next step!”